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Non-party elections (Non-party elections)

This section offers an insight into the electoral performance and alliances of Non-party elections to-date. It tells about the symbol allocated to the political party, its flag and also offers an in-depth analysis of the seats in terms of victory margins.

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Non-party elections
Candidates Seat Won 2nd Position Votes % Vote Share % Vote Change
National 1095 206 199 16,886,673 100
Punjab 1757 240 238 12,397,494 100
Sindh 879 100 95 3,359,270 100
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 590 80 80 1,968,319 100
Balochistan 343 40 35 557,908 100
Total 4664 666 647 35,169,664

Historical Trends of Non-party elections (Non-party elections)

The election history tells about the winning political parties, contesting candidates and the votes polled in their favor in a specific election. One can also find details of the instances where the party's candidates remained runners-up in the election.

The graph given below is interactive. One can add, remove and modify series or axes by clicking on each color code. The graph can also be downloaded.