Election-related information is not available at a single source in Pakistan. To fill this gap, TDEA-FAFEN has digitized the voluminous election data since 1970, which is now available for the general public and can be accessed at the Election Pakistan portal. The portal has been designed to provide reliable and up-to-date election information repository for the user to get election analysis reports, statistical data, and election-related publications.

The portal enlists complete data of National and Provincial Assemblies from 1970 to-date (including by-elections). It does not only provide detailed insight into political parties’ history, alliances and their electoral boycotts, but also gives vital information on critical and safest seats of political parties.

The election portal provides complete list of contesting candidates since 1970. One can find the election records of more than 62,506 candidates. The portal has the scalability to synchronize the candidates’ election records that reflect the election records of any contesting candidate.

The portal also contains records of more than 7,300 unique constituencies of National & Provincial Assemblies. Each constituency’s record can be searched with complete information and historical timeline. The portal also shares the analysis based on geographical clustering of constituencies, including changes in vote-shift, top three political parties, registered voters and turnout. This portal will also keep the records of all future elections to be held in Pakistan.