Test your knowledge about elections in Pakistan. This quiz will help you to understand the latest electoral developments and all one needs to know about the salient features of the recently enacted Election Act, 2017.


#1 A candidate to a seat reserved for women or non-Muslimsis also require to submit his/her nomination papers?

#2 Who may appoint Delimitation Authority for each district?

#3 Who is authorized to delimit constituencies for elections to the National Assembly, Provincial Assemblies and to the local governments?

#4 The ECP is required to publish gender dis-aggregated data of registered voters in each constituency

#5 Who is authorized to conduct elections to the local governments?

#6 The members of the Caretaker Cabinets will submit to ECP Commission a statement of their assets and liabilities as well as their spouse and dependents

#7 The election held to fill any vacancy in the National and Provincial Assemblies or local governments is called

#8 There are following categories of seats in the National and Provincial Assemblies

#9 Who is responsible to ensure the secrecy of the ballot at a polling station?

#10 What is the deadline for Commission to complete final list of Constituencies?