Test your knowledge about elections in Pakistan. This quiz will help you to understand the latest electoral developments and all one needs to know about the salient features of the recently enacted Election Act, 2017.


#1 The Government of Pakistan, after ——— days of making declaration about dissolution of a political party shall refer the matter to the Supreme Court.

#2 The ECP will make announcement about dates for local government elections

#3 All enlisted political parties are required to submit certificate of holding intra-party elections to Election Commission

#4 A person is eligible to be enrolled as a voter in an electoral area if he/she

#5 How much security depositis required to be submitted by a candidate for National Assembly at time of submitting nomination papers?

#6 RO is responsible to submit the list of Presiding Officers, Assistant Presiding Officers and Polling Offices to DRO ______ days before the polling day

#7 ECP shall set up the Election Tribunals comprising of ___________ for hearing and disposing of petitions related to elections of Senate, National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies.

#8 Is Commission authorized to change/alter the dates for commencement of elections under the Election Act, 2017?

#9 The Election Tribunal shall declare the election of the returned candidate to be void if:

#10 The election petition should be decided within ___________ days of its filing.