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By-Election 1985 National Assembly Results

The page provides details of the results of By-Election for the National Assembly constituencies. It also has the information about the performance of the candidates and the political parties in the 1985 By-Election. This page also provides the statistical information about seats secured by the political parties and their candidates and percentage of their vote-share.

Party Seat Won Seat Change Candidates Votes % Vote Share % Vote Change
Non-party elections 6 65 396,321 100
Total 6 65 396,321 100

National Assembly 1985 By-Election Results

Constituency Candidate Name Registered Voters Polled Votes Valid Votes Candidate Votes Candidate % Vote Share Position Party
NA-30 Tribal Area-IV Norht Waziristan Agency) Malik Haji Nadar Khan 1,400 1,247 1,239 705 57 Winner Non-party elections
NA-30 Tribal Area-IV Norht Waziristan Agency) Malik Haji Mamoor Khan 1,400 1,247 1,239 534 43 2 Non-party elections